Dark Emperador Marble´s Alternative Names

The Dark Emperador is an internationally recognized brown marble from Spain, with a large market and demand all over the world. This considerable demand has led to the creation of a large number of alternative names, which are pretty much names that different suppliers give to the same natural stone.

Dark Emperador View

We present you below some of these alternative names commonly used to identify the Dark Emperador marble:

– Marron Emperador: perhaps the most well-known alternative name for the Dark Emperador, this name is commonly used on the US market.

– Marron Imperial: another alternative names, very common worldwide.

– Emperador Brown: a common name on the US market, the English name for Marron Emperador.

– Emperador marble: a broad description for the Dark Emperador. It normally refers to all Emperadors type of marbles.

– Ramona Brown: less common name, but nonetheless an alternative name that is used occasionally.

– Mármol Emperador: the Spanish description for Emperador marble. It is common in Spain.

– Emperador Oscuro: the original Spanish name of the Dark Emperador marble, how is commonly known in Spain.