Dark Emperador Possible Finishings

The Dark Emperador is an unique type of marble, with a deep dark brown colour and some amazing white vein distributed all over its surface. This is a breccial type of stone, which accepts well certain types of finishings. Some of the most recommended finishings are:


If there is a type of finishing that brings the most credit to this beautiful brown marble, the this is the polished finishing. It presents a very shiny and vibrant look, highlighting all the elements of this marble.

This finishing is commonly used on flooring and diverse decoration applications.

Dark Emperador Polished


A less common but still fairly demanded is the honed finishing. This type of finishing is good if the end result is to avoid much contrast and have a more uniform brown colour. The surface is matte and with no shine.

This is a preferential finishing for cladding projects and some decoration.

Dark Emperador Honed


A type of finishing that changes the structure of the marble, showing a very rough surface with a lighter coloured brown/yellowish. Its main colour is very uniform.

It is commonly used on wall cladding and some garden decoration.

Dark Emperador Bush-Hammered


A great type of finishing that maintains much of the original brown colour of the Dark Emperador marble, the brushed finishing is a great choice if you are planning to add a certain aged or rustic look to your stone.

This is mostly recommended for flooring applications and some garden decoration.

Dark Emperador Sand-Blasted

We would like to add the tumbled finishing as a reference type of finishing. This is an increasingly common type of finishing, specially for tiles and mosaics.