The Dark Emperador is a dark brown marble, with fine grain and some irregular and crossed lighter vein. It presents some occasional signs of calcite with small dimension. The Dark Emperador is a breccial type of stone. Its main variations depend normally on the different colour tones it may present (darker or lighter), but also on the amount of calcite (more or less).

There are many variations of this marble, but we prefer to present it as two main variations:
– First: higher selection, with a uniform darker brown colour, little white calcite and overall uniform look.
– Standard: also a higher selection, but presenting little more brown colour tone variation and white calcite. Selection is still high but price is more competitive.

  • Dark Emperador First

  • Dark Emperador Standard

Extraction area

The Dark Emperador marble is mostly extracted around three distinct areas:
– around the town of Yecla, which is located in the region of Murcia – at the southeast of Spain;
– around the town of Jumilla, which is located few kilometers southwest of Yecla, still in the region of Murcia;
– around the town of Caudete, which is located north of Yecla and west of Valencia, located in the region of Valencia.